About Us

Lyons Climate Action group is a community group (based out of Lyons, Colorado) focused on the environment. We inspire, learn and act together to fight climate change for ourselves and future generations--especially in our own community. We hope to help change our culture of waste, consumerism, an individuality mentality and inequality and our habits that exacerbate global warming. We hope to become more community minded while being globally aware especially on the environment and climate. All are welcome.

Please attend Rally (Earth Day theme) on the Boulder County Courthouse Lawn (Pearl Street Mall at 2pm--Tuesday, April 16th) to show public support for CU professors (of land managment and ecologoy) herbicide free Weed Management Plan on our Open Space lands. Events features musician David Williams, Native American drumming and dance, and snacks/beverages for attendees. We ask everyone to please also attend the public hearing with the Boulder County Commissioners after rally at 3pm inside the Courthouse 3rd floor--to urge them to adopt the professor's chemical free Weed Plan and reject BCPOS's (Parks & Open Spaces management) herbicide heavy plan with aerial spraying. Get your voice heard! Click here for more information and to sign up for giving input.